I've NEVER been able to buy most of my film locally. Even in the 70s and 80s I lived 20 miles from the nearest place to buy 120 film, farther from sheet film, and those were just the more popular emulsions. Now I live in a major metro area but film is not popular.

There's at least two places I'm aware of that carry at least some film in Atlanta proper (leaving out the consumer C41 35mm stuff you can still get at Wal Mart last I looked) but truth is, it's far more convenient for me to just order it off the Internet. I hate driving inside Atlanta proper anyway, hate parking there even more, and would gladly pay a premium to avoid it. Provided I plan a little in advance, and I have a large dorm fridge just for film, I get a selection of any film currently made online for prices that are better, even with shipping, than I'd get by taking an hour plus to brave the traffic and buying it in town.

Just order it. It's so much better, I'd never go back to buying it locally even if I COULD, unless I had nearly as good prices less than ten miles away, and unless you live close to B&H or Freestyle, that just isn't the reality anymore.

To be fair though, I don't know what the situation is like for Canadians.