Henning, thanks a lot for your effort and summing up these extensive talks you had during photokina. It indeed sheds the most positive light on the current state and future of film I have read about for months. I am (positively) surprised about the clarity of statements that where given to you, and the interview with Fuji and Kodak was really relieving.

When I look at my recently build-up stock of E100G it is at least nice to hear that I wasn't alone when I though that Kodaks discontinuation of slide film was a bad move. Now, knowing the background, it is easy to understand though.
Same is valid for Fuji regretting the discontinuation of Astia. I tried Astia only when it was to late (spring 2012) just to see that it was the perfect universal film, as others have already described. I wish I would have been able to build up a bigger stock. I am still curious about how much influence a german devision can have on a japanese company, but I still hope for the best and a return of Astia.

Astia, E100G, Velvia 50 and Provia 400X. That's all I ever need.