Scheimfluger (Scheimpfluger, I suppose?) I suggest going "one-shot" without hesitations.

One-shot is not one-shot. You do two passes* on the same chemistry as far as the first three baths are concerned, and bleach and fix can easily do more than that. Final rinse / stabilizer even more than the latter.
You never have to deal with exhausted chemistry, correcting acidity or whatever. Your chemistry is always fresh, always of constant quality, with reliable and repeatable results;
The chemistry is much more easily preserved in its concentrated form (just use proper flasks and some propane/butane gas).

It doesn't cost more than replenishing. My 50 Euros kit does 50 rolls. Rotative developing uses a small volume of diluted chemistry.

It is easier as you only have the 6 canonical baths (plus the "final rinse / stabilizer) you don't have to fiddle with starter and replenisher and you don't have to worry about potency, freshness, doing tests etc.

People not using rotative processing have to prepare higher volumes of chemistry and that maybe shifts the convenience to replenishing. Rotative processing lends itself very well to one-shot processing without any cost aggravation.

* Two passes without letting the chemistry degrade, let's say within 24 hours, guarantee a level of quality which is at least on par with what you get from professional laboratories. Some people uses the same one-shot chemistry for three or more passes. That might cause some minimal decay in image quality. Two passes give you the very best quality your film can give.