Yeah, I believe the brick and mortar stores don't have much film because just about everyone that seriously uses film buys it online. The local CVS has Tri-X (ONLY place that has it) but it's $6.99+tax for a 24-exp roll. FWIW, other than food and maybe clothes, I find that few b&m stores have much of ANYTHING that I want to buy and it's much quicker and simpler to buy it online. Probably saves money in the end, too.

If you really like Tri-X and you're going to use it then there's no harm in stocking up. The freezer in my garage is filled with all sorts of films and paper and now I'm starting to take over the refrigerator side as well. No regrets. Kodak could (and just might!) die off tomorrow and I'd be shooting for at least 5 years to burn it all up.