To give na example, at 60C with 0.1 m/l NaBr, the vAg = -39.54 mv but at 50C it is 43.60 mv. At 50C it requires a sollution of 0.08 m/l to get to -38.16 mv or back to the original.

At 50C the pAg = 9.99 at 0.08 m/l
At 50 C the pAg = 10.08 at 0.1 m/l
At 60 C the pAg = 9.98 at .1 m/l

You can see vAg tracking pAg here but with a 5 mv difference in vAg but only about 0.1 units in pAg. Since I have not done the exact experiment you describe, I think you will find it best to try yourself. I predict little difference. The size may differ more than the crystal habit under your suggested changed conditions.

Is this good enough or do you want more information?