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Unless you want to be able to load shorter rolls (which I do, as I often find 36 way too much) there's little reason to buy it though. It's $45.99 and 100' gets you about 18 rolls or $2.555 per roll. The prepackaged, DX-coded stuff is only $2.89. For that price difference I'd avoid the hassle of bulk loading every time, if it weren't for wanting shorter loads. The preloaded 24 exposure rolls are way more than 2/3s the price of 36, so for 24x load the bulk is a good savings.
You're right about the cost of course. For me the 100' spools fit neatly in the my garage refrigerator and are easy to store that way. My refrigerator is a little one for storing seeds, and doesn't have much extra room in it. Also it gives me an irrational feeling of "safety" knowing there are a couple spools in there.