So as long as the ion concentration doesn't move too far out of the range of your intended target, there will more likely be size differences but not great differnces in the habit due to temperature? Then it sounds like when you are designing, you would pick your target pAg such that you had some leeway for temperature and ion concentration drifts. You would want to be in the middle of the range, not at the ends, which would make sense.

Using equations from your book and RIT in a spreadsheet along with the chart you gave I have been reading through some papers from RIT and looking at what the authors did and plugging their numbers back into the model to see if they made sense along. Mostly, they do but some are iffy in that they are close to the edge of the range. Kind of a thought/paperwork exercise. It was raining the last couple of days and this was something interesting to play with.

I've got a silver electrode built but haven't gotten the reference made yet. But I have so many experiments planned it's insane - some of them may yet even get done!