I did a double-take on this thread title thinking it was the recent one circulating about the advantages of medium format over 35mm.

I took a nice vacation trip a few months ago and must have had 4-35mm cameras and 3 medium format cameras and a big box of film for each format. Interestingly, I only shot a few frames of 6x6 at one event and the rest were made on 35mm (either slide film in my OM-2 or B&W in my ME Super). Now I'm trying to figure out why I didn't shoot more medium format. Was it because my 35mm cameras are faster, lighter and easier to use? Or was it because I figured most shots didn't warrant the larger negative size? A combination of both reasons? I don't know, but given the choice of the two formats, I chose 35mm so there must be some advantage to that format for was I was doing.