hi clive

i love shooting 35mm
and the only real mf format i have
i always do something dumb and it is in the shop
maybe its a greater power telling me to just use larger or small ?

i have a graflex slr and a delmar box though, my favorite LF cameras

they are nimble ) except for instant reloading and rapid fire, although the "bag mag" is pretty fast...
i shoot like i am using 35mm no matter if it is 35mm or lf anyways. life is to short to worry about
the cost of film, so i shoot and don't worry about it. i think that is the main problem with people who use LF
it is more about them conserving 20 or 1$ and "zenning out" and taking their time.
if i had to take 1/2 hour to compose and wait for perfect / ecclesiastical lighting every time i made an exposure
i might as well take up crocheting ... i don't really see the point of spending 30 mins + / exposure.
it helps that i buy expired film &c and i realized there is no such thing as perfection a long time ago
otherwise i would be chasing magic bullets like a sheepdog chases cars ..

i like grain too, that is why i use coffee and print developer to process everything i do _