So I loaded up my Colorpack II with the film that came in the mail today, and i'm more than pleased.

I'm still working on getting my pulling it out at an even rate down, but it's looking good! Here are some images

8058282296_17a29c4b8c_z.jpg 8058265051_9765d2bcc2_z.jpg 8058278019_0d7b8f4f1c_z.jpg

I have to say, i'm blown away by the quality of even the humble little Colorpack II, especially with the way that FP3000B handles skin tones.

I noticed that this process makes a bit of waste, which has goop on it... How toxic exactly is this goop? Is it something i should watch out for or just wipe off on my pants and keep shooting, just make sure i wash my hands later? I can't imagine it to be too bad, the box doesn't have a horrific warning on it... just a notice of high alkalinity... If people were actually using this in a practical situation, how likely were they really gonna run to a sink when they made an image... come on, it can't be that bad right?

Also, how do you fix the negatives from FP3000B to make them printable?