You remember Forte? They had their papers that were unequalled. Their film was also selling nicely. In the end they even had money for retechnologisation. But a fast buck was easier to be made by tearing all down and sell the ground it stand on.
Fotokemika stands even better. They are practically monopolists with their IR-film, their films are also unique (unique in their old technology) and their paper seems also not to be the worst. Besides they are one of the last (after Forte is gone) big capacity coaters. Then they have the money but say themselves investition will return too slowly. So I ask myself, where exactly are their factories located?
Come on, how is Fuji, Foma and some others getting profit out of BW material? They also need to invest in maintaining their machines.
To me this sudden need to reinvest into maintenance looks like an excuse. I bet somebody will make very fast a fortune after the plant is shut down.