It's always a sad day, when a film stock departs for the big darkroom in the sky and I'm sorry to see P3200 go.

I went through a phase where I shot a lot of P3200. Almost exclusively at 1600 in T-Max developer, which gave the shadows a real boost.

P3200 had a unique look and if you wanted gritty, this was the ticket. Too bad it was not available in 120, because I always felt it was too grainy for 135, unless that is the look you were after. If that was the case you could not beat it. But it would have really shined in 120. There was something about the tonality of P3200 that was unique.

I ended up moving away from P3200, because I found Delta3200 to be a better film and it is available in 120. Tighter grain, better tonality and at least in my experience greater exposure range. Unfortunately Delta3200 has gone up quite a bit in price, so these days it's mostly good old Tri-X in Diafine.

Now if Tri-X went.... (bites tongue)