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You can always have a compact 135 camera with you. There is no Minox, Rollei 35 or Yashica T3 in MF.
The Bessa II and Ikonta can always be with you. I sometimes wish there was some stretch-format 127. I think that could have been really cool. A vest pocket folder is convenient.

But to stay on topic and point out where 35mm has the advantage... These spring cameras have their "bellows" which introduces dust that must be retouched on negative. And that requires a microscope. They also are hard to find filters/lenshoods for. And they need accessories like filters and lenshoods because I am shooting black and white and fighting flare.

35mm bodies rarely introduce flare in the optical path. The chambers of 35mm are pretty well baffled and flocked. Lenses too, for the most part, offer better freedom from flare. (Compared to the vintage systems, not Hasselblad).

35mm bodies have more reliable shutter speeds than the vintage folding cameras too.