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Depends on where in Georgia, and where you came from. My car insurance more than doubled when I moved from rural east TN to the Atlanta metro area. Things I buy in the store here cost the same as back in TN. Anything I hire someone to do costs more, because everyone makes a lot more here - including me, which is why I moved.
We all know that large cities have higher taxes thus higher costs overall. Atlanta, Miami, New York, Houston, San Fran all have increased tax fee's, including on gas. The idea I was trying to relate is that in this day and age some businesses can be based in Timbuktu (so to say) and do business at a lower overall cost. Problem is, nobody wants to move away from the kids/Grand kid's and amenities/culture/entertainment/schools a larger city provides besides higher wages as in your case.

A State without State income tax is a big incentive tho to keep a moderate price structure on services/supplies thus enabling enthusiasts to further enjoy film photography at moderate costs.