I agree that 120 is harder to deal with.

I can process negatives easily using a dark cupboard (I just covered all the light leaks in a large cupboard with duct tape on the inside, it isn't big enough for an enlarger but a roll of film, the dev tank and I will fit with no problems). However, the enlarger I have doesn't handle 120 film and attempting to scan it with a flatbed scanner was something of a dead loss, with weird colour casts and huge files which were very time consuming to do anything with.

I'm now thinking in terms of making a support frame to hold 120 negatives flat, so that I can put them on the front of a softbox and "scan" them with my DSLR and a macro lens on a tripod. If I ever see a broken 120 film back going cheaply I may well buy it and see if I can turn it into something like those little slide viewers - swap the pressure plate for a piece of ground glass and a light source behind it.