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What a small world it can be, I'm very familiar with Elizabethton and have good friends there. I left the area in '81 and except for a month in '85 I've lived in the South GA/Northern FL area. One day I would like to retire and move back to Upper East Tennessee (as they used to say).
Yep. Every time we visit my wife asks, "tell me again why we don't live here?" and I say, "because there's no work for me that would pay even 1/2 what I make in Atlanta." Oh yeah, that.

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We all know that large cities have higher taxes thus higher costs overall. Atlanta, Miami, New York, Houston, San Fran all have increased tax fee's, including on gas. The idea I was trying to relate is that in this day and age some businesses can be based in Timbuktu (so to say) and do business at a lower overall cost. Problem is, nobody wants to move away from the kids/Grand kid's and amenities/culture/entertainment/schools a larger city provides besides higher wages as in your case.

A State without State income tax is a big incentive tho to keep a moderate price structure on services/supplies thus enabling enthusiasts to further enjoy film photography at moderate costs.
I like the amenities too, though I could probably live without those. I hear you on business costs, but Fotokemika is in Croatia already, and I doubt moving that old equipment again is practical.

Not sure I agree about lack of income tax though. Might or might not be an incentive but having lived in both sorts of states I think an income tax is much more fair than a sales tax, which hits lower incomes disproportionately. It doesn't even lower the cost of goods or services. It might lower the price tag, but not the final cost. This is especially true where sales tax applies to services, as it does in Tennessee which lacks an income tax. I moved from there, with no income tax but sales tax exceeding 9% combined state and local that applies to pretty much everything including groceries and services, to a state with an income tax but 6% sales tax, much lower local only averaging about 2% on groceries and no sales tax on services. It doesn't make up for the difference in cost of services but I think there's a lot more going in with that than the income tax.

I was just taking issue with the suggestion that moving to Georgia, anywhere in Georgia seemed to be implied, would radically lower car insurance. Moving from a big city to a rural area almost always will, though - on that point I agree.