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The original point I was making is what is left in our industry needs to pool together, because we are dependent on each other. If most of the players continue to do as they are doing - standing by, watching others drown - our industry is certain to die very quickly.
I would say there are pooling together, but not necessarily in a way then benefits you. The Jobo CPP-3 will need low volume chemistry available for it to be a success. Enter Champion and re-enter Tetenal. Like I said there will be those that don't fit the new ecosystem and will vanish. "Your industry" as you put it is changing beyond recognition to the point it may not be your industry any more in any recognizable form. As it evolves the dependencies change. You may not be a critical component of the new industry.

It happened to my small comapny last year (different market). We made a mis-step, and couldn't recover in time in response to the market. Once you can't meet payroll it's all over, and it sucks. Prior success is no guarantee of future success, and it would have been close run if we hadn't tripped up. So I'm a wage slave again. It happens.

I asked you this question before. What do you think this "pooling together" looks like. Put something down so we can see what your vision of the industry is.