I laid in 15 rolls of 120 IR820 at the news, about all I felt like buying of a film I've never shot that cost $12 (first 5 rolls I bought) and then $14.49 (10 more rolls) each. None in 4x5. If Freestyle gets some in for that last shipment I may get some. Thing is, I have normal screw in IR72 filters for my 35mm and MF cameras. Two of my three 4x5 lenses are odd sizes though and I use a 3x3 filter holder. I don't have a red #25 or 29 either as I find I don't one stronger than a 23 with normal film, but that won't cut it with these IR films, so I'd have to do something about that.

I'm sure I would if I could get Ilford IR. As it is with only Rollei in 4x5...meh. I would probably just stick to medium format, maybe some 35mm.