A comical experience with their Hereford branch...

Went in after seeing an "instant studio kit" with two spots/tripods/umbrellas/softboxes in the window.

The wally behind the counter essentially says "We only have that one and I can't sell it to you because it's the last one and there's a bit missing".

So why have you got it on display with a price tag then?!? That could have been an opportunity to make a few quid by saying "Well there's a bit missing, but I can let you have it for a bit less than marked price".

Went to Melgray round the corner. They had one left and were quite happy to sell it. Got the impression they knew exactly where I was on about when I mentioned my experiences in another shop...

As for the nonsense about "dangerous chemicals", what do they think the non-rechargeable batteries they sell for digital cameras contain? It just fits with the current vogue for using the green bandwagon to sell new stuff rather than actually doing anything useful (like recycling - I don't want to recycle broken cameras, I want to be able to get spares and fix them!)

Jessops would do well to heed the warning of Beatties. This was a successful chain of model shops until the early 2000s, at which point they attempted to break into the already saturated computer game market. They went under pretty shortly after. Jessops seem to be losing what made them different to Argos, Comet, etc - there is now no reason to go there other than if they have the lowest price.