After adding another +1 to lensman (took the words out of my mouth, in a much better way then i would have even been able to put down), i can add, some facts, from an inside perspective, after being to photkina, and talking to lots of folks - pretty much everyone working in the analog business is working in tandem with another company\business in some way or form, and often more then just 2 way relationships exist.

I spoke with Keith canham the other day who said basically the same thing - we are all in it together. Film makers, chemistry makers, processor makers are all in the same team as in today's world the film USER, as DR5 puts it will get everything he wants from "amazon" like outlet. So as a matter of fact - lots of us are working together.

DR5 - as i said before, and to second lensman, the past has no bearing on the future. Start looking forward and count your achievements in real time, not those of days gone by. in a sentimental kind of way its sad, but in reality its great! Whats better then to to know you are making a "meaningful something" or another right now?

I just dont see the business operating today in the field of film\analog photography as "whats left" but as what is now the industrial basis of that market. If you dident like my half full cup analogy, go with a smaller cup and fill it all the way up