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Come on, how is Fuji, Foma and some others getting profit out of BW material?

how can you be certain that they make a profit?

Today a roll of B&W film costs you less than in 1985 when there were the heydays of silver based imaging (taking out inflation and rise in living standards).
Today we are looking at a fraction of the market but at lower consumer prices.

The difference between surviving and death of a silver based imaging manufactuer is not much, maybe a few dimes more per roll.
But at todays level of competition and world wide internet price transparency life of a manufacturer is realy rock hard.

Fortes lot is still undeveloped.
Everything there looks exactly like 2006 just a bit more depressing because no one can afford the gardener.
Have you been there lately?

Fotokemika will continue focused on industrial customers. No lot developing going on there as well.
This is all a myth.
The truth is that prices for such difficult to make and complex products are way to low today.

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