I recently have begun to explore using liquid light on glass using an oil-based polyurethane sub. On three different tests now, I've nailed my exposure, and the image develops beautifully; however, with all four tests the same disappearing act has occurred when I go to fix the image. The image seemingly dissolves/fades nearly completely as soon as it hits the first fix solution. The first test I did, I didn't use a fix hardener, as I was curious how much the image would fade, and I figured that was the reason it disappeared. The second test I used a fix with a hardener, Sprint Record Alum Hardener in Sprint Record Fix and got the same result. Thought maybe it was the rapid fixer, so I bought the oft recommended Kodak fixer with added hardener. Again, as soon as it hits the fix, the image dissolves. The emulsion isn't lifting off the glass surface, or even flaking for that matter. In fact, the image is still very much on the glass surface as a very, very faint ghost only visible under very direct light. Has anyone ever experienced this issue? Might there be a solution?