Stainless Steel 35mm developing tank. New. Sold as shown. $7 plus shipping

Set of small darkroom trays in very good used condition. These measure about 5" X 6" on the top lip and should be useful for developing smaller prints or sheet films. $6 plus shipping for the set

Rokunar film developing reel. This reel can be adjusted to use 35mm, 126, 127, 120, and 220 film sizes. The reel is about 3.75" in diameter. This item is new and boxed. $7 plus shipping

Western 35mm bulk film loader. New-old-stock with box and instructions (new-never used). Made in the USA! $10 plus shipping

Honeywell-Nikor film canister opener tool. Makes opening cans of 35mm film a snap. Can usually preserve stock canisters for re-use. New-old-stock item. $9 plus shipping

If you need any of these items please send me a private message or email. I can take a check, cash, or money order. Prompt shipping.