The main difference between Fuji and EK is that Fuji was able to diversify enough that they are financially stable, whereas Kodak wasn't (for many reasons). If EK stock was $100 a share and annual profits were in the billions, Kodak would be able to afford a few thousand dollars to maintain goodwill. When their net loss is almost 800 million, they can't afford to spill out day-old coffee, much less keep coating film that loses money.

P.S. Fuji's discontinued their fair share of films in the past few years. Fans of Neopan 1600, 800Z, FP-100B, 4x5 instant pack films, 64T, Astia, Velvia 100F, and LF Velvia 50 shooters know all too well about Fuji's "demonstrated commitment" to film.