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The main difference between Fuji and EK is that Fuji was able to diversify enough that they are financially stable, whereas Kodak wasn't (for many reasons). If EK stock was $100 a share and annual profits were in the billions, Kodak would be able to afford a few thousand dollars to maintain goodwill. When their net loss is almost 800 million, they can't afford to spill out day-old coffee, much less keep coating film that loses money.

P.S. Fuji's discontinued their fair share of films in the past few years. Fans of Neopan 1600, 800Z, FP-100B, 4x5 instant pack films, 64T, Astia, Velvia 100F, and LF Velvia 50 shooters know all too well about Fuji's "demonstrated commitment" to film.
Fujifilm is committed to films that people want. Films that dont sell wastes resources for films that do sell. While small groups of individuals might lament the loss of any film, the plain fact is that canceled films do not sell. Kodak's E6 films are a perfect example. You can still find Kodak E6 films even though out of production because they simply do not sell much. A few rolls PER MONTH at most places.

I have no problems with films that dont sell being axed.