Round 26 came to an end and I have to say THANK YOU all for having me and being part of this truly amazing experience.
I have received a boat load of cards since y last update. In no particular order:
  • Conneticut 154 by Ryan : Amazing texture and I really like the flows of the lines.
  • Church in north of Iceland by Crispin: Wonderful light and color in this image. I love the serenity this radiates to me.
  • Between silence and light by Jake W. :Very interesting and intriguing image. Amazing detail in the droplets. I love how my mind starts spinning stories around this one ...
  • Frozen Trio by Eugene A.: IR film never fails to amaze me. Works really well with this image
  • Simon Fraser Univ. Pool by bluejah2: Amazing piece of architectural photography. I so love the perfect water reflection and how this image is composed. One of my favorites of this round.
  • Rocks are pebbles by bluejay: Oh my, this is truly amazing! I don't know how many times I watched in wonder and turned that card clockwise ...
  • Self portrait at the Capitol by Johannes: I love how this image really draws me in and makes me be there instead of just looking at an image.
  • People and structures by Raimundo C.:What an incredible piece of art. I love everything about this image. The format, the colors and the subject matter. I would love to learn more about the technique you used for this image.
  • Charles Bridge , Prague: This is a great view and I can almost feel the cold air on this winter morning. Looks very peaceful.
  • Lake Ontario, Church of Silver Ball and Toronto Skyline by Mike W. : All three images are great, but I have to say I like the Lake Ontario image the most. It is maybe not the most happy of images, but I love how the paper you chose seems to compliment the scene so well.

Again thank you everyone for making this round so very special. Not only is it great to receive some mail that is not a bill, but to feel so unbelievably inspired to take better pictures and learn how to make better prints.

So glad the wait is over and round 27 started