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They also do Rollei kits in the smaller sizes, which would be a better option than the Tetenal because they have separate bleach+fix not blix.

5L of the Fuji is only 40 rolls if you shoot 400 speed. And it keeps really well if you exclude all oxygen - see the FAQ in my signature, it has a C41 section.
I've read your C41 FAQ a few times to wrap my head around the process. Would ideally like a separate bleach and fix. I was going to go with the Tetenal just to get started, on the assumption that I could walk into Vanbar, buy a box and get into it. Now I'm looking for plan B, plan C etc. I'll email Vanbar and see if they have anything and will also compare the AG price to B&H. Funny how the UK can post the liquid chemicals but not the USA.