Architecture , Nature and Brazil , thats all go hand in hand. I really loved big format cadrage and the white or unpainted concrete. Massive concrete structures and use of them is a pure art at France , Italy , India and Brazil. You can get more tonality and richness character if you print your pictures chemically. Some grain , detail and tonality are needed at some pictures and that is my selection. Some portraits and some over midtone tonality pictures are more successful. All pictures are very sharp and there is no out of focus or disturbing areas. Adox and Rodinal gives white on the final image , lots of it.
Darker images are punchier but some goes to muddier. May be your way is better than my mind picture. I am thinking to build myself an scanner linear array 24 bit back big format camera. after seeing your pictures , I thinked I need it more than ever. Color pictures are excellent and I did never reach to that sharpness and quality with my cameras.

Thank you joining APUG , perspective pictures , portraits , architecture are excellent. Color ones are perfect. You deserve more medals. I think you will find more images at Olympiads and Football Cup.

What is your color film ?