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Move into deep woods with the same film and you'l find that meter pretty handy.
I haven't been claiming sunny-16 doesn't work, at mid-day and in other simple lighting conditions. I am claiming it's no substitute for a meter. The reason being, that if you are filling the whole scale of whichever film you are using there is no exposure latitude; any deviation and either the highlights or shadows are not what I want. I like to know what I have on the film before I process it (aka previsualisation), and my printing is done with an enlarger - no fauxtoshoppe - or contacts from 8x10.
I've known how to use "sunny sixteen" since I was a teenager in the 1950s when light meters were much less common and far beyond the pocket of a schoolboy, but nowadays when perfectly usable meters can be bought so inexpensively, is it some form of inverse snobbery that some people think they are too clever to use them ?