Iíve always thought of the ďSunny-16Ē rule as a way to get the exposure approximately right on negative film when the meter stops working, the battery fails, or I find that I forgot to pack the meter into the camera bag.

Itís also useful for folks with a simple meterless camera whose aperture and shutter speed can be adjusted, but donít own a meter.

For most folks this isnít a matter of feeling superior, but rather as a means to correct exposure in those lighting situations that can be classified reasonably well in accordance to the Sunny-16 Rule. Itís particularly valuable in the full version that covers a variety of different lighting conditions and when a meter is unavailable or fails for some reason.

An example of this is given in post #9 wherein the film maker modifies the Sunny-16 Rule to favor moderate overexposure to help ensure that adequate shadow detail is recorded.