Hey, just wanted to say hello again as I have been absent for quite a while. Just as my heated debate with DKT was coming to end, I purchased a roll of aerial film which was just awful and was sent to Kodak for evaluation. Kodak said it was "printable," which really set me back a bit. Then I had an R3 print for a premier photographer that didn't go well. I was ready to just go back to my hole, do b&w and lith only and quit trying color.

Then the Kodak "printable" examples arrived and guess what!! printable and acceptable are two different things. Their prints looked just like mine (which gave me great satisfaction) and they are only printable if you believe that high mountain desert is primarily navy blue and grey.

Anyway I have since had the valley re-flown by a different company and it is just gorgeous, bright greens and tawny browns and tans. I have also completely redesigned my light deck(still flourescent) to try to accomodate the issues the R3 print gave me and have spent the last month running hundreds of tests isolating each variable and recording again the effects. So I think I have my confidence back enough to continue participating here.
I haven't been able to contact that premier photographer to give me another chance yet, hopefully that level of confidence will return soon.