Differences between the amateur and the professional:

The amateur spends much time dreaming that if only he could afford top of the range equipment, he could start shooting pictures "like a pro."

The professional grabs whatever gear is to hand (rarely the "latest thing") and gets on with the job of shooting pictures. That's how he got to be a pro in the first place.

After 35 years as a pro, some of my best pics. were taken with a Yashicamat, and a couple of Nikon
FM2n's. Many pros preferred the FM2n over the more expensive Nikon bodies because of its 1/250th flash sync., vital for daylight fill-in. Incidentally, I once had a full page spread picture taken with a pocket rangefinder Olympus 35RD.......So stop worrying about the name on the camera, just get on with the job of taking pictures.