I worked through those times. Nikons and Hasselblads were the order of the day, plus the Rolleiflex was a very popular "Press" camera to use with flash. However, Yashicamats, Canons and Pentaxes were also in use. Olympus OM1's had a flurry of popularity around 1979-80, because of their compactness and excellent Zuiko lenses. However their dubious long term reliability and flash sync of only 1/60th, caused them to fall out of favour against the 1/250th of the Nikon FM2n, particularly when colour became the norm for press work.
The Mamiya RB67 began to replace the Hasselblad for many magazine photographers, due largely to its unique revolving film back enabling easy portrait mode shooting in the 6x7 format on a tripod which fitted the upright format of magazine pages.
As for film, Fuji was favourite for colour, although Kodachrome hung around for a time, particularly for non-urgent work. For black & white HP5 and Tri-X was the normal choice.