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I was using "sunny sixteen" before most of my fellow members were born, but I still stand by what I wrote, I consider it an act of foolishness in this day and age.
I personally like to use the Sunny 16 system because it allows me to carry and use cameras like my Leica IIIc without packing any additional equipment. It has nothing to do with being snobby or feeling better then anyone else. I just enjoy the spontaneity of the whole process. There are many who feel that those of us who still shoot film in this day and age are being "foolish" as well. Not only do I like using Sunny 16, I also enjoy working with the Zone System and using spot metering to help me place the particular light values in my image. When the light is difficult to read I personally have found that the most accurate metering system I can use is incident metering. Each method has its uses and to say that using any of them are an "act of foolishness" seems to be a bit silly.

But, to each his own. You no longer like to use Sunny 16 and you probably are not comfortable unless you are absolutely certain of the light in the scene you want to photograph. That is fine and it works for you. There are others who are just as happy with a Holga even though they aren't even certain that they will get a usable image at all. And some people are certainly experienced enough with their Holgas to get some awesome images. Fortunately there is room in photography for all of us.