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It's not the fact they do things differently but the air of smug superiority that many of them have as if they're too clever/talented to use a light meter.

hi ben

i use a meter when i am on a job for someone,
and i am being paid to make perfect exposures &c ..
but when i am just out doing whatever it might be
that i am doing with a camera .. i don't bother
bringing a meter mainly because i'm tired of using
a meter and seeing i can pretty much look at the light
and see what an average meter will give me
i don't really see the point of using one ...
besides the LF cameras i am using these days
don't have more than 1 shutter speed and 1 aperture
so it would be kind of a waste of time anyways ...
i process my film bullet proof and print it with a 300 ( or is it 350? )W
bulb and sometimes the sun so a little more or less light doesn't really
make much of a difference ( for me at least ) ... or i shoot
hand coated glass or paper negatives and my exposures are seconds,
not fractions of seconds ...

not cleaver, talent ( maybe lack of it ? ) or smug superiority
just the little rut i am riding at the moment.
when i get bored again, maybe i'll use a different camera, and a meter ...

i figure if someone wants to use a meter, great, more power to them
but if they don't ... good for them, they are learning about the light
and that can't be bad ...