Here it is, the umpteen-millionth question about xrays...but thanks for reading anyway. Yesterday I almost missed a flight out of Milwaukee and put my 50 or so exposed rolls of 35mm Velvia 50 through the carry-on scanner instead of taking time for a hand check. When I got home I came to APUG to reassure myself that I have nothing to worry about and then found a couple old threads (such as where someone is mentioning the importance of keeping film away from metal (cable releases, etc) while being scanned. I hadn't considered this and sent my whole pack through with keys, cable releases, etc. Of course the film canisters themselves are also metal, right...? My head tells me I'm wasting everyone's time worrying about one pass of slow film through the carry on, but still, what's up with the metal, and is it that important to send film through separately? It'll be a week or so before I get these rolls processed to know for sure.