Every logic thought around this, only makes sense if 120 is re-introduced as well. :P

In 120, they have only one b&w film (come on!), they are seriously lacking a 400 ISO alternative there, so just re-introducing it for 35mm would be a really weird decision, especially when you have the Lomo-crowd shooting a lot of 120 these days.
The same goes for large format as well;
I thought various formats had to to with cutting and packaging from a master roll, they don't have to make a huge master roll for 120 and large format (when they are on the roll, so to speak).

I did catch some talk on rangefinderforum about some issue about getting hold of fresh Neopan 400 in 35mm. Everyone seemed to get hold of the same exp. date in 2014 all over the world, so there was a rumor around there that Fuji might have pulled the plug on it in 35mm.
No confirmation though, just lots of nervous shooters wondering why no fresh batches of NP400 seemed to be available anywhere (even in Japan). The thread went on from 2011 into 2012.

I do shoot a lot of tri-x nowdays, but got hold of 10 rolls of 120 Neopan 400 on eBay and I shot one roll of each, back to back, during a lovely Sunday a couple of weeks back.
The Neopan has less grain and seem to have better resolution, but they are otherwise quite similar in contrast and also in tonal response, at least to my eyes (used HC-110 B for both).

If I had a choice, Neopan 400 120 all day long, but when I have no choice, like now, Tri-X is a really nice film and imo not too far away from NP400 in HC-110 B.....