I use my Canon 1v because of the incredible focus accuracy on it.
Not everyone shoots flowers and sleeping cats, I like to shoot just about anything and most often, a manual focus alternative would be useless for me.

Also, the Canon 1v at least, has a really incredibly solid build quality and the meter is top notch as well (has spot metering), making me able to take accurate spot values and place the exposure in the zones, directly in-camera.

I do own a lot of manual focus cameras as well (Leica CL, Hasselblad 503CW, Mamiya RZ67 II, an old Rolleiflex and a Yashicaflex) and I use those for stationary objects mostly.

I want a Pentax 6*7 II.....but they are still way out of price-range (never seen one being sold used where I live).