The biggest reason I have an n90s, an F100, and an F5 is for their metering and auto focus.

Auto focus is simply becoming more and more important to me as I age, no surprise there.

Still love using my FM2, RB, and view cameras but it takes my old eyes more time and effort. I'm willing to do manual focus but my eyes don't always have the time to get me there.

Ok, so why is a camera's meter important to a die hard incident metering/manual camera setting guy like Mark?

Pure practicality.

Proper fill flash in the field is important in a significant amount of the photography I like to do. Yes "A" mode is good, and I even prefer it in certain situations, and it works with my older cameras, but; automatically balanced, TTL, Matrix metered, instantaneous exposure and flash control is really good at making shots look like flash wasn't used. The shots simply print easier and look more natural.