Interesting responses - thanks. I guess it just boils down to that people like taking photographs, they like film, and these cameras are great tools and help you do what you like. For me, my enjoyment of photography has generally been wrapped up in my penchant for mechanical cameras - looking for a camera, buying it, using and fondling :-). I really think I need to find time to photograph more! I'm just waiting for the right moment (when I'm really GAS'ed) to order a Contax RX. But after using 167MT a few times, I wonder if I really should go that way. I was photographing in a French market in west Aveyron, France, and people noticed the whir and whine of the motor. When I used my old Konica T3 or Yashica FX3 (even with its 'clangy' shutter) I just felt more comfortable. I reckon I don't need an automatic power tool camera. Just been secretly hankering for one :-) Good to hear what fellow shooters take away from their cameras/tools.