i know people who work for the tsa and they have told me
there is really nothing to worry about ..
even sending film fed ex, or ups or whatever
it all gets xrayed before it gets freighted ...
back in maybe 2008 around the time of theshoebomber
i traveled to france via heathrow ..
and must have passed my film through 10 or more
scanners in heathrow airport alone between flights.
it seemed like every 30feet we were scanned ...
i had a bag filled with iso 200, 400 and even 800 speed
film, color as well as b/w and in the end
some of the 800 speed film was in my luggage, not
carry on bags ... nothing happened to any of it ...
the films were scanned probably 15 times each way,
(pre and post exposure ). i wouldn't worry about it ...