OK, I'll chip in, too. I'd love to see a special run. I believe it is more a case of sensitising an existing emulsion, rather than the massive (and none viable) R & D investment required for a completely new film. Surely a good opportunity to suck it and see?

The film I miss most is actually Konicas IR film. This wasn't so much an extreme IR emulsion like HIE - but was very smooth and very fine grained. It did amazing things to skin tones and was a surreal portrait film.

Truth is, some digital cameras can do IR with the appropriate filter - the rest can do it with the IR coating srubbed off the sensor or the IR filter taken out. There is a lot of IR stuff from the digital guys on Flickr. I'd love to see something they can't do... like an ultra fine grain film in 4 X 5 and 120... say an IR sensitised Delta 100? No grain, silky smooth tones and IR sensitivity? Gorgeous!

But, if Ilford introduced anything at all that is new, in any format - I'd immediately buy a brick of the stuff as a show of solidarity.