There's one very specific situation which nobody has mentioned yet: Parties.

A dark-ish room really isn't the best place to use a manual camera, especially as people won't hold still while you get the settings right. Plus there's the cost of replacing kit - for a friend's 30th I used a Pentax SF7 which cost me 7 on ebay and a 10 50mm lens (which I cleaned a small mushroom farm out of). A bit less than the 50 or so it costs for a good KX or MX now (or even more for a K2). I'm not buying a cheap digital compact for this as the images from a roll of Ilford Delta 3200 in a decent camera will beat any comparably priced digicam, and I don't end up fighting with white balance, shutters which don't fire immediately, or AF hunting around with that stupid "face recognition" stuff. I just set the lens to f1.7, shutter to 1/60, then just focus and shoot when the light is on the subject. The noise really isn't audible over a PA system hammering out The Jam at 11.