No not the snatch point....

The end of the bath.

Your humming along and then it takes twice (or longer) as long to develop.
There it is, the warning that the sucker is almost depleted.
What do you do?
Regenerate and keep going?

Let's say you don't.
You like this particular ratio/mix/manuf whatever.
You know (maybe?) at this depletion it works well with paper x or y? Perhaps....
Or are you that tuned in that you grab a specific negative that 'needs' this 'mix'?
Perchance you 'know' the right paper and negative combination and just wait for this to happen?

Or do you stick with what you have a push on? Maybe throw more light at it?
You don't really have a lot of play time here.....the depletion will be complete soon.

Or do you just stop and say 'that takes too damn long'? ;-)

Does it just depend on how tired you are and 'that's it session over'?

Curious wants to know.