I recently acquired an ugly (though fully functional) Contax RTS from KEH on the bay thing for $79 American dollars. It was on a whim. My previous three cameras had been a magnesium C-1, a 4x5 Wisner Tech Field and a Koni-Omegaflex. The RTS is the first electronic camera I have ever owned. I am truly enjoying using the aperture priority automation. It is very freeing to me. I am certain that many here would laugh uproariously at my calling this automation.

One cool thing about the RTS or any pro-level body is knowing that there exist every accessory needed for any situation. I have already fallen deeply in love with the Zeiss glass. I doubt I could ever learn to enjoy any camera with an integral motor drive, though it is nice knowing one can be added. The RTS is big and heavy and loud in a "twangy" sort of way, but seems a good balance to me. It is also very pretty, even in my beat-up example. If it dies I can pick up another one (maybe even an RTS II [I know I would like the 97% finder and TTL flash, less sure about the shutter speed dial locking on 'A' and '60']) for a song.