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I swear I dont understand how anyone can support Kodak. They are doing everything possible to kill film. The amount of boneheaded decisions is astonishing. Even the "sale" of their film division is so half assed...
Kodak are still manufacturing products worth buying. Whats wrong with supporting Kodak???
I am not a regular Kodak films user but I shot a box of Kodak films every year..
For most of us, Kodak is not the white collars but the product and the photo engineers and the crew that makes those films.

Most Kodak haters are missing the major point. What happens to Kodak is orchestrated event, its all being paid for, in gold. The global industry does not need Kodak.
The current CEO is the *right* one, the current board of directors is the most *convenient* one.

Shoot Kodak film while You still can.