There are a lot of people working at Eastman Kodak that are hoping to retain a job in an already depressed part of the country. The decisions are not made by these workers, but by a team of executives who count beans and who haven't exactly developed the best strategy over the years. That's not the fault of the majority of the amazing professionals that work there, churning out the best quality film in the world.

Support the films and products you like to support. Shoot what gives you the most pleasure and the best results, chances are that would be a Kodak emulsion. A photography world without Kodak would be a much poorer one, if you look beyond the politics of it, which has nothing to do with the joy of photography.

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I swear I dont understand how anyone can support Kodak. They are doing everything possible to kill film. The amount of boneheaded decisions is astonishing. Even the "sale" of their film division is so half assed.