Hi Gerald

I need some advice... I currently use dektol and Ilford multigrade mixture for my lambda prints... 6litres of dektol stock and 5 litres of multigrade with 40 litres of water at 70 degree.
I use this for lambda fibre prints and my 21 step wedge calibration is based on this rather strong dilution and a 3 minute 40 second dev time.

I want to switch to my Solaral developer which is a metol, sodium sulfite, sodium carbonate and sodium bromide concotion, listed in the paper by William Jolly.
What I hope to get is a 21 step wedge to match my current mixture.

If I need more speed or more concentration do you have any recomondations?
I cannot run the laser printer without getting a good calibration but I have never tried a non hydroqoninne developer for this . My goal of course is to make solarizations
using the laser printer, which opens a lot of doors for me.


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Thee role of sulfite in a developer is a very complex one.

While the sulfite content of a developer can be reduced it cannot be eliminated entirely. There are several reasons for this. Metol is a hydrochloride salt and is acidic. Enough base must be added to a developer to neutralize any acid from the metol. In many formulas the sulfite acts as the only base to raise the pH so that the metol can develop. Secondly without any sulfite a developer will likely produce stains on the negatives. I would suggest looking at the Crawley FX-1 formula for an idea of a minimalist sulfite developer. Thirdly, some sulfite must be present or film speed will suffer. Sulfite acts as a silver halide solvent and thus exposes active sites to the developing agent. There are more reasons which will not be discussed here.