Vertical upright, 14 cu ft, manual defrost, lives in the garage. Only bottom basket drawer has food, the rest is film and paper.

It needs defrosting about once every 2 years for the amount I actually open it during periods of high humidity.

I usually defrost in late November, when everything can sit out and stay frozen or quite cold, if not totally frozen on the floor of the garage.

I stick a hair dryer in the deliberately unpluged unit on a top shelf, and pull the ice and mop the water up 20 minutes later, and have everything back in place in less than an hour.

Replaced an old chest freezer that I hated to excave through to find stuff.

The new one was more energy efficient, althogh a new chest freezer was still more efficient.

One episode of a power failure leaving a puddle of melted condensed frost subsequently refrozen to cause boxes stuck to the bottom made the vertical choice easy when picking a replacement.