Bob - I have always wondered at what point I'd be happy with what I've got in terms of skills and final prints in order to be happy with what I've got. I'm writing this in fear of becoming too obsessed with print quality. While it's good to be critical, and to actually pay close attention to the final results, I don't want it to be a road block to finishing prints and portfolios either.

Larry - thanks for those words. I think what I need to do is to finish portfolios of series of pictures, and then leave them be until there is a request or a desire to reprint something (as a gift like you suggest, or a purchase).

Ghostman - never.

David - It is exciting. 40 year old negs - that must feel great to do. I had an experience last autumn when my father and I together printed a negative he made in 1963 of my great-grandfather. It turned out really great, and there was a sense of coming full circle with a portion of our lives that has come to pass, strengthening the wonderful experiences both have had with him. Those pictures become valuable with age, it seems.

Gavin - thanks a ton for the kind words. I think you like my work better than I. Usually when I ponder printing options I indulge in a not so wee dram of Highland Park single malt. Sometimes the 18yo, but usually the less expensive 12yo. Mortlach, I say, your taste is exquisite.
Have you chatted to Max Marinucci? He's been going head first into photogravure lately; copper gravure but still very much the same outcome as your polymer works. I'd like to see some of your plates some day too. Preferably over a glass of something good...